The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke


Wok Talk - Wok Chuan - Essential Gear

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I’ve been woking for about 3 months now and loving it. I am constantly trying to find videos online for stir-fried recipes to both find new recipes and learn techniques. Many of these are posted by “regular” folks, some are folks with a food background and still others are professional chefs. Now many people in the first two categories use flat-bottomed woks on an an electric range. That is it’s own use case and you can use somewhat different tools because this style wok is more like a traditional western pan. But for the people in the “regular” folks and the folks with a food background categories, I am surprised how many of them use a wooden spoon, a wooden spatula or a metal spatula in a traditional bowl-shaped woks. This blog will discuss the Wok Chuan or Wok Spatula, a shovel shaped tool, and why I feel it is an essential tool that everyone using a bowl-shaped wok should use. Read More...
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